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Empowering Leadership in Healthcare

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“A Leader is the one who empowers others”

Doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals tend to focus on the primary value, where the needs of the patient comes first, having spent their entire career viewing through patient focused lens hence working towards patient focused strategy. Research suggests that an exemplary physician is more likely to create an environment which is right, setting appropriate goals and evaluate contributions of others, setting organisational priorities to the other stakeholders. These courses will help one realise and understand how ones leadership behaviours influence the culture and climate of their organisation, their colleagues, and teams, patient experience, care delivered and the Organisation’s reputation. Most importantly it will empower one, to meet the challenges faced by health care professionals and how one can work with the existing challenges.


Empowering leadership in healthcare

- For professionals

The Indian health Care thrives in complexity and is continuously evolving itself progressing against all odds and challenges. Change is inevitable in healthcare service / industry / organisations.
'The Leadership in Healthcare program' is unique and will help explore the complexity within the Indian healthcare industry, be it public / private or corporate. This program will also explore soft and hard approaches in both organisational context and clinical care delivery. CEOs, doctors, nursing heads and senior managers with and without medical backgrounds working in public or private sectors will benefit a lot from this course.

(Duration: 6 sessions stretched across 3 months, contact for more details).

Empowering nurses in healthcare leadership course

This course will facilitate leadership behaviours for nurses, junior nurses and nursing students. Nurses are the ones in direct contact with patients and their families, and much is dependent on them. Empowering Leadership within them will improve not only the quality of health Care, but will provide them with all the skills needed to drive the organisation towards excellence.

(This course will also be held in nursing colleges on request, contact for more details).

Be the change, the future healthcare leaders course

- For medical students

MediLeaders offers a specially designed Leadership course for medical students, interns, doctors doing post-graduation training so that they "Empower" themselves in the initial stages of their journey in the Medical profession; this is essential so that they are well equipped to face today's and tomorrow's health care scenario, head on. This course will be held independently and also for medical colleges on request, contact for more details.

Strategies in healthcare management course

There has been a new trend, where doctors are going all out, building and running their own organisations giving rise to a new breed of doctorpreneurs who will benefit a lot from this course. This course is also for any healthcare professionals / organisation / in public, corporate or private sectors who may be interested. Planning and developing strategies are the main measures taken by a successful organisation. Strategy is important in giving the organisation, direction, resource commitment and service intent. This course will equip and prepare the healthcare professionals who are keen on managing their own organisations widening their scope at local, national and international markets. Strategy is dependent on a lot of parameters both external as well as internal, which will be taken into account.

(This empowering program will only be conducted on request, call or email for more details).

Eligibility for the courses: Health Care Organisations, Health Care Start-ups (Only for certified qualified modern medicine doctors) / Medical Schools, Consultants, Doctors, Medical Students(modern medicine), Nurses, Health care professionals, Hospital Managers with or without a clinical background.


Medileaders will also conduct random workshops / also on request.

1. Health Care Leadership
2. Strategies in Health Care Management
3. Quality Control
4. Empower - Keep your Organisation Medico Legally Safe
5. Medico-Legal and Ethics
6. Healthcare Management Tools and Application for Flawless Success
7. Other Healthcare related Workshops
8. Advertising and Marketing in Healthcare

Strategic Vision - Strategic Management & Strategic Planning

MediLeaders facilitates transforming your dreams to reality through high standards of strategic Healthcare planning and management, restructuring, change management, undertaking analysis and assessment, execution and evaluation as per the requirements of the stakeholders.

Strategic Management

  • Facilitates in setting realistic organizational goals and overseeing critical elements in planning exercise, analysis of internal and external environments.
  • Transforming plans to performance and operational planning.
  • Evaluation of sustainability, performance, culture.

MediLeaders Research & CME


Conducts and assists in conducting Research related to Health Care management.


Conducts and organizes Continuing Medical Education (CME) Programs for Hospital Administrators, Health Care Managers, Doctors who hold managerial roles, Doctors interested in managing their practice, Nurses and other Health care professionals.

Legal Assistance in Healthcare

MediLeaders assists in providing legal cover / support to Health Care Organisations, Nursing Homes, individual doctors and healthcare professionals which has become mandatory in today’s health care arena given the pressures doctors and healthcare professionals face. Once a noble profession is now considered alongside other professions in terms of liability and paying for damages.

It has become imperative that Hospitals and doctors comply with legal and ethical regulations in their practice. All the actions done in good faith of patients may not stand legal testing. Under present prevalent conditions, it is not a matter of choice but circumstances driven legal mandate and necessity for the medical establishments and doctors to be well supported by a competent medico legal team.

MediLeaders has a tie up with a very efficient experienced team of lawyers, which makes it easy for the Medical practitioners and Hospitals to interact and convey their issues and problems to the legal team, who in turn would efficiently and effectively present to Courts, forums or authorities in order to protect the interests of the Hospitals and Medical practitioners.

Legal advice

MediLeaders provides legal advice to healthcare professionals on regular or contractual basis to avoid medico- Legal suits.


We have tie up with lawyers to defend cases in State Medical councils, Consumer Courts, Civil Courts, Tribunals, High courts, Arbitration proceedings, Supreme courts, Criminal courts and Statutory and Regulatory Bodies.


The Legal team undertakes formulation and reviewing notices, contracts, agreements, MOUs.


MediLeaders provides content writing, marketing solutions and follows through the same for private clinics, nursing homes and corporates keeping in mind the challenges healthcare faces as well as being ethically bound.


We are here to listen to what you have to say. MediLeaders provides a platform for doctors to meet periodically to discuss the challenges they face and probable solutions for the same. May we come out stronger, healthier and the do the best we can in our field without compromising on personal health and peace.


If you are a medical student, a doctor or a healthcare professional and experiencing stress that is hampering your professional and personal life, MediLeaders provides you a confidential and a safe space to talk to a professional who can listen to you and help you through your rough patch.