Leading Change in Healthcare

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Meet Dr Pallavi Hoskote,

Founder, MBBS, MBA, PGDip. Psychiatry
‘Leading Change in Healthcare’ is a book especially dedicated to Medical doctors and healthcare professionals. Healthcare has been growing phenomenally, and being a good clinician is only one side of the coin. Sustaining in the healthcare industry is the other side, and that calls for leadership.

Are doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals ready to meet the ever-growing demands of the industry? Leadership skills are the need of the hour for medical professionals.

Leadership requires no formal position or title. This book has been made compact, but fully packed with the basic concepts of leadership in healthcare as doctors are always pressed for time. It is important for a healthcare professional to be self-aware of one’s own strengths and weaknesses.

Dr Pallavi Hoskote

Founder, MBBS, MBA, PGDip. Psychiatry

Leading change in healthcare

In Healthcare, the only constant thing is change. In the era of Technology, AI, and Digitalisation, adapting to the ever-growing demands and changes in healthcare requires leadership skills.

Challenging situations requires Medical doctors to take up leadership roles. Are you prepared for such roles? Are you equipped with skills to deal with change and have a successful career in this industry? Dealing with change, working with change, coping with change is the need of the hour.

Teamwork, dealing with conflicts, the importance of communication in achieving desired goals and success, gracefully navigating through change, and facilitating positive outcomes call for leadership.

This era calls for Medical doctors with leadership and management skills to work within the system. This book dedicated to doctors and healthcare professionals so they can empower themselves and the others they work with.

Book Reviews

“Leading Change in Health Care” by Dr.PallaviHoskote is an insightful and empowering book that provides a comprehensive guide to leadership for doctors and healthcare professionals. With a focus on the healthcare industry, Dr.Hoskote explores various aspects of leadership, including styles, organizational culture, psychology, frameworks, communication, conflict management, and the future of leadership.

The book offers valuable insights into the unique challenges faced by healthcare leaders and provides actionable strategies for leading change effectively.

The author’s emphasis on the importance of organizational culture and its impact on leadership success is particularly noteworthy. Dr.PallaviHoskote delves into the nuances of creating a positive and supportive culture within healthcare organizations, fostering teamwork, innovation, and employee engagement. This focus on culture aligns well with the evolving healthcare landscape, where collaboration and adaptability are crucial.

Another standout aspect of the book is its exploration of leadership psychology. Dr.Hoskote delves into the mindset and qualities of effective leaders, highlighting the significance of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and resilience.

Furthermore, the book provides valuable insights into future trends and the evolving concept of transformational leadership in healthcare. Dr.Hoskote explores the impact of technological advancements, changing patient expectations, and global healthcare challenges, preparing leaders for the demands of tomorrow’s healthcare landscape.

“Leading Change in Health Care” is an essential resource for doctors and healthcare professionals seeking to enhance their leadership skills. Dr.PallaviHoskote’s expertise and comprehensive approach provide valuable guidance for navigating the complexities of the healthcare industry while inspiring positive change.

The comprehensive range of references showcases the author’s dedication to evidence-based practice and strengthens the credibility of the book’s content.

This book is a must-read for those looking to empower themselves and make a meaningful impact in healthcare leadership.

Warm Regards,

Col(Dr) Mohan Kubendra
Director & Consultant Family Medicine
Spandana Health Care
National President-Elect, AFPI

Dear Dr Pallavi

Your book LEADING CHANGE IN HEALTH CARE is very well written and researched . Doctors are born leaders and adapt to all situations. Your book is an eye opener in Health management Skills. Wishing you the very best.

Dr Ramana Rao